black sheep

The black sheep are those who, at the time they place the order, already know very well that they will never pay for it.

I hope that, from 2004, the digital tachograph will prevent black sheep from finding new boltholes!


We cannot expect it, however, to eradicate criminal practices, slackness and black sheep; that goes beyond its remit.

At the same time, one support mechanism after another is being established for the ‘budgetary black sheep‘, once again involving taxpayers’ money.

They say there are “black sheep” in every family.

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I do not know whether it was typecasting, but he was playing a black sheep.

But there are black sheep in any profession.

If we are looking at composition, we have to remember also the very minor question of the black sheep.

It has been said that the trade unions were not happy that there should be black sheep, and they wanted something done about it.

I could have mentioned several local authorities who are black sheep in this campaign and who even now are not pulling their weight.

If there are black sheep among us, they are soon found out.

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Both have proceeded on the strict line of dividing the black sheep from the white, in regard to economy.

You may get a few black sheep in the trade unions, but you find them amongst every class of the community.

I spoke of the relatively few black sheep who bring discredit upon retailers and industry alike.

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There are, of course, the odd “black sheep” in the flock.

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