He denied any indebtedness to popular sensationalism, and energetically distinguished himself from writers of both “pulp” and “pap” fiction.

Sometimes wine or sugared wine or thin pap was given instead.


A decision analysis of practice patterns used in evaluating and treating abnormal pap smears.

A screening strategy considering the actual 55 percent screening coverage rate and a theoretical 3-year interval between two pap smears was applied to the model.

Meanwhile, the rest are allowed to use their infant gums on such nonsensical pap as the proposed treaty to ban environmental modification for military purposes.

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For cervical cancer, the pap smear has proved its worth.

It is only inedible stale pap anything up to 14 days later when landed in this country.

All of us when we were very young were fed on pap, but we learned to eat meat when we grew up.

It is certainly not pap, as some might say.

When given the opportunity the public will not settle for the lowest level of pap.

Secondly, a programme must not disturb too many people: they must not switch it off; it must be fairly tranquil pap.

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They produce programmes of pap and the advertisements that surround them offend no one.

All right, we have plenty of pap of our own.

They have got a share of the action, and that will mean unrestricted pap.

There is nothing wrong with quiz games and pap, but there is something wrong with only quiz games and pap.

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