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Nor does it promote the image of a cozy holiday dinner.


They want “a competent manager,” a military commander and someone who “can promote the image of the U.S. abroad”.

According to Shulman, the U.S.I.A. used the photograph internationally to promote the image of America as a racially inclusive democracy.

In Ms. Stewart’s case, the Birkin did little to promote the image of an approachable woman who has struggled up from humble roots.

“You don’t know how hard people around here have worked for years to promote the image of this zone,” he said.

Ireland in 1907 saw itself as ready for self-rule and it expected its artists to promote the image of a steady, sober, self-reliant people.

Indeed, it is not described as a sponsorship deal at all, but rather a tie-up to help QTB promote the image of Qatar abroad.

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quảng bá hình ảnh | English Translation & Examples | Ludwig

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quảng bá hình ảnh | English Translation & Examples | Ludwig


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